Transform your brain from foggy to fit

Are you tired of having a foggy brain?

If you’re a high-performer who’s held back by sluggish mental performance, who’s looking for a clear path to a thriving brain, you’re in the right place!


I was losing all hope and slipping into a deep, foggy depression…

One day in college, at age 19, I woke up with a different brain.

I walked out of my room to greet my roommates, but nothing came out.

I couldn’t find the words. Nothing made sense and I panicked.

I went back into my room, terrified as to what was going on with my brain.

Then came the following stages:

  • Ignoring it and hoping it would go away with some sleep
  • Cutting out alcohol and unhealthy food for a week
  • Telling those closest to me and getting a “you’re fine” type of response
  • Losing all hope and slipping into depression
  • Going to 3 different doctors who all told me different things, none of which helped
  • Scouring the internet for hours in hopes of finding not only a solution, but the problem
  • Finally finding the words ‘Brain Fog’ at the bottom of a long article on a website for a Chinese medicine practice
  • Meeting with the doctor who also experienced brain fog
  • Some lifestyle changes and new challenges to overcome
  • Waking up one day without brain fog

This all took place over a total of 6 years!

Within that time, I lived a hindered life.

I slept way too much and avoided social events like the plague.

My relationships suffered. My school work was compromised.

I slipped deeper into hopelessness and depression.

My brain was in survival mode and I was barely hanging on.

Then one day after sticking to “the plan”, as quickly as it came, it was gone.

For good.

Why was this course created?

As I started to write about my experience with brain fog, people began reaching out to me.

“I read your article on brain fog, that’s exactly how I feel! How did you get rid of it?”

“Thanks for the article. I can’t get through a day without my brain fog getting in the way, can we talk?”

“I’ve had brain fog for the past 15 years….please help.”

I became deeply passionate about the brain and dove headfirst into learning everything about it.

I started coaching people by clearing their fog.
I started seeing patterns.

I began to formulate a process to not only eliminating brain fog but creating a thriving brain.

One that’s quick, sharp, strong and healthy.

One that flows through conversations like an intellect.

One that’s 3 steps ahead and never loses its train of thought.

One with a strong memory.

One with a powerful ability to learn and grow.

One that allows you to live a great life full of personal and professional successes.


BrainThrive is a course that will help you create and preserve an optimized brain that thrives in any environment.

Inside the course you’ll learn:

  • What causes brain fog and other mental hindrances
  • How to find the source of the problem
  • How to repair a broken brain
  • How your brain works
  • How to nourish your brain
  • How to strengthen and speed up your brain
  • How to achieve laser-sharp focus
  • How to achieve mental clarity
  • How to increase and expand your creativity
  • How to get into a flow state
    And much more

The BrainThrive course lessons can be implemented and completed at your own pace, but we do hold you accountable so that you can get into momentum.

You’ll walk away from this course with a clear plan-of-attack and a completely new perspective on your brain.


Fun fact: The brain named itself.

How it works

Phase 1: The Understanding

Adopt a deep understanding of your brain. Discover how, why and where it’s compromised.

Phase 2: Remove

Get rid of toxins and remove your brain from any negative environments. Let go of the “anchors” that slow you down.

Phase 3: Replace

Nourish the mind, body, and soul with powerful resources made specifically for your brain.

Phase 4: Repair

Your brain is incredibly resilient. Allow it to heal back to health.

Phase 5: Thrive 🎉

Fully optimize your mental performance. Take your brain from good to great. From survive to thrive.

Hello, Friend!

My name is Miles and I suffered from severe brain fog from age 19 to 25 [6 years]. I’m from Austin, Texas, currently live in Colorado, and am about to embark on a journey of world travel.

I’m a writer, marketer and coach [business, career, brain fog]. I am passionate about a lot of things, but most importantly, I am a nerd when it comes to the brain. Once I got a taste of true clarity and brain health, I could never go back.

I am constantly exploring new realms within brain health and mental performance. I believe most of us run at about 30% capacity and I want to help thousands of people enter a thriving state of 90% and above.

I love to camp, hike, travel, write, connect, play the guitar and think. I would be honored to help you make brain fog a fun fact about your past. Follow my on Instagram, Twitter or sign up for my newsletter below. I’d love to connect!

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You will have immediate access to the course once it launches as well as a special bonus created only for our founding students : )

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